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Divey Jones: Bitey Shark

“Divey Jones: Bitey Shark” is sort of the sequel to “Divey Jones: Ocean Odyssey”. Our official sequel was proving to be quite an endeavor, and “Bitey Shark” was simply planned as an easter-egg level within this larger game. However, after some consideration, my co-developer Roy Papp and I decided to throw “Bitey Shark” out there on its on for a few reasons: a) we could finish it quickly, giving us more content in the play stores; b) it would enable our interns to have some portfolio/resume material on the market; c) it would allow for us to experiment with monetization via ads. Available at the App Store for iOS devices and at Google Play for Android devices, it’s a goofy “play-while-you-wait” title in the spirit of the infamous “Flappy Bird”!