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Shtan the Man

So, I have a friend who can do a DEAD-ON impression of Stan Lee. His name is Tony Santo, and I could listen to him do it all day long. The running joke was that not only did Stan Lee create Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and many other great characters, he pretty much created EVERYTHING:

Interviewer: So, Stan, tell me a little bit about the birth of Spider-Man.

Stan: Well, Steve Ditko came to me one day and he had drawn a picture of a man with the powers of a spider…so I says, “Let’s call him Spider-Man!” Then Jack Kirby comes to me one day and he’s drawn this hulk of a creature, it was incredible, really, so I says, “Let’s call him the Incredible Hulk!” So then the Chinese come to me one day and they’d built this wall and it was so great, so I says, “Let’s call it the Great Wall of China!”

Etc, ad nauseum…

I planned to do a rough animation to sync with Tony’s audio, but haven’t gotten around to it yet!